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Joe Biden’s Memory Problem With Meghan McCain

Meghan and Tara analyze political fallout from the report about President Biden’s poor handling of classified documents

President Biden Hosts German Chancellor Olaf Scholz At The White House Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Meghan McCain joins Tara to discuss their reactions to a special counsel report into President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents. The report cleared the president of any criminal wrongdoing, but referred to him as a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” Meghan and Tara analyze political fallout to the report and wonder how long Democrats can keep their heads in the sand about Biden’s shortcomings as a candidate.‌

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Host: Tara Palmeri
Guest: Meghan McCain
Producers: Devon Baroldi and Conor Nevins
Additional Production: Ashleigh Smith and Kyle Williams

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