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A Deep-Dive Grading Conversation, and Mike and Jesse Argue Over the NFL Vintage Market With Tyler Tarver

Mike and Jesse discuss when it’s best to use PSA vs. SGC, when to invest in and sell cards, and much more!

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Mike and Jesse start the pod with a discussion around grading, including when it’s best to use PSA or SGC and the importance of timing in card sales (04:25). Then, collector Tyler Tarver joins the show to discuss the state of the basketball market, vintage football, and more (21:33). Mike and Jesse then debate whether it’s a good idea to invest in vintage football cards during the offseason (45:55). They end off with new releases (48:24) and your mailbag questions (58:03).

Hosts: Mike Gioseffi and Jesse Gibson
Guest: Tyler Tarver
Producer: Eduardo Ocampo

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