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“We Don’t Have to Talk GOAT Anymore” | Ep. 351

Also, there’s no need to compare Caleb Williams to Patrick Mahomes

Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Full Go returns as Jason opens the podcast by talking about the Super Bowl. He compares Patrick Mahomes to Michael Jordan and why their greatness is unique. He examines how Mahomes is keeping greats from winning, like how Michael Jordan used to. He also explains why it’s setting up Caleb Williams for failure to compare him to Mahomes (1:07). Next, Jason talks about why this game came back to the quarterback position. He also talks about what Bears GM Ryan Poles needs to see to draft Justin Fields’s successor, the Travis Kelce–Andy Reid bump, and the pressure on Kelce to perform with Taylor Swift in the crowd (16:48). To wrap, Jason and the guys discuss the halftime show, why Jason wanted Usher to lean into the hits more, and the Usher–Alicia Keys exchange (55:38).

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Host: Jason Goff
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Tony Gill, Chris Sutton, and Kyle Williams

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