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We Are Officially on Kazuchika Okada Watch. Plus, NXT Vengeance Day Preview! | The Masked Man Show

What are the best options for Okada with his next move?


Cold Open Question of the Week: Rank the NXT wrestlers who were in the Royal Rumble (00:38).

David and Kaz get into a few things that are trending at the end of the week, including:

  • Weighing out the best options for Kazuchika Okada (17:12)
  • What Tony Khan’s big announcement could possibly be (26:03)
  • Larry David’s anti-wrestling comments (37:49)
  • Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins promo (42:17)
  • NXT Vengeance Day predictions (52:44)

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Hosts: David Shoemaker and Kazeem Famuyide
Producers: Jonathan Kermah and Brian H. Waters

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