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Possible Surprise Royal Rumble Appearances, Ludwig Kaiser’s Big Night, and Would The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns Be the Biggest Main Event Ever?

Plus, talk of the Drew McIntyre–CM Punk segment from ‘Raw,’ whether The Judgment Day has run its course, and more


With SGG off physically vacationing, Rosenberg is joined by Dip and producers Brian and Troy to fill SGG’s physically large shoes. On today’s episode, the guys discuss:

  • The Drew McIntyre–CM Punk segment from Raw (00:00)
  • Ludwig Kaiser’s impactful moment (13:22)
  • Speculation on which WWE superstars (past and present) might appear at Royal Rumble (19:10)
  • Whether The Judgment Day has run its course (32:12)
  • The significance of The Rock vs. Roman Reigns and whether it needs a title (35:08)
  • More girl problems for Troy the Goy (52:26)

Stay maj.

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg and Dip
Producers: Brian H. Waters and Troy Farkas

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