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‘WrestleMania 40’ Fantasy Booking, the Cody Vs. Dustin Rhodes Debate, and Dip Meets a WWE Superstar

Plus, Rosenberg and Dip discuss whether eating protein is overrated, Joaquin’s catapult, mailbag, and more


Before getting into the nitty-gritty of pro wrestling, Rosenberg and Dip have a conversation about health and wellness (00:00) and whether eating protein is overrated. Then, the guys discuss:

  • Peter’s on-air flub that led Cody Rhodes to send him a text (10:27)
  • Dip’s “giant hot take” on the Usos (16:06)
  • Whether the Rock will wear a shirt at WrestleMania (17:50)
  • Joaquin Wilde’s catapult (31:38)
  • Dip’s story behind recently meeting a WWE superstar (33:40)
  • Whether Cody is more maj than his father, Dusty Rhodes (41:53)
  • Mailbag (46:13)

Stay maj and enjoy yourselves.

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg and Dip
Producer: Troy Farkas

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