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Embiid Gives Wemby a 70-Point Lesson, and Why Doc Makes Sense in Milwaukee

Austin and Pausha also talk about Terry Rozier’s fit in Miami

San Antonio Spurs v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Austin and Pausha are back to hit on the news throughout the league, starting with the 70-piece Joel Embiid dropped on Wemby and the Spurs’ heads, as well as KAT getting his career-high 65 points against the Hornets (1:17). Then, they hit on the hiring of Doc Rivers to replace Adrian Griffin as the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks and break down why Doc makes the most sense (21:46). Later, they discuss Terry Rozier’s fit with the Miami Heat after landing there via trade, and touch on what bothered them most about the Grant Williams–Kevin Durant altercation (38:00).

Hosts: Austin Rivers and Pausha Haghighi
Producers: Erika Cervantes and Ben Cruz

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