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Eagles-Bucs Preview, Cowboys Collapse, and Belichick Memories

Jason Goff also gives his thoughts on the Bulls’ Ring of Honor fiasco

Sheil and Ben preview the Eagles-Bucs wild-card matchup on Monday night and discuss what’s at stake for Philly’s coaching staff. Then, Brian and James react to Bill Belichick’s departure from the Patriots and discuss James’s favorite memories of playing for him in New England. Next, Jason Goff talks about the Bulls’ Ring of Honor fiasco and fans booing Jerry Krause. Plus, JJ on the Cowboys’ collapse and the Knicks’ success with OG Anunoby.

Hosts: Sheil Kapadia, Ben Solak, Brian Barrett, Jason Goff, and John Jastremski
Guest: James White
Producers: Stefan Anderson, Steve Ceruti, Clifford Augustin, Kyle Williams, Jamie McClellan, and Tucker Tashjian

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