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Belichick OUT, Wild-Card Previews, Warriors Fire Sale, and Kawhi’s Extension

Plus, talking about Wemby’s first triple-double and LeBron being passive-aggressive again

Tate and Nora react to the Patriots and Bill Belichick split, discuss what’s next for the Pats, explore which team will be the best fit for Belichick, and then preview all of the wild-card weekend matchups. Plus, Wos joins Tate to discuss how all of the Warriors (except Steph) will be available at the trade deadline, Wemby’s first triple-double, Kawhi’s extension, and LeBron being passive-aggressive on the internet again.

Host: Tate Frazier
Guests: Nora Princiotti and Wosny Lambre
Producers: Tucker Tashjian, Chia Hao Tat, and Jack Sanders

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