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Wooly Mammoth Meatballs, an Alcohol Miracle, and Tasting Frito Mallorquín de Marisco in Mallorca

And later they close the show with some Personal Food News and reactions to a listener-submitted voicemail

For the final leg of their culinary Spring Break, Juliet and Jacoby travel to Mallorca. An island in the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca is a tourism hot spot due to its beautiful beaches, stunning architecture, and of course the fantastic food. This week, Juliet and Jacoby discuss etiquette when booking restaurant reservations, wonder why Panera needs biometric technology, and debate how they each enjoy their water. This week’s Taste Test is frito mallorquín de marisco from Mar Blau Bistro located in GPRO Valparaiso Palace & SPA in Palma de Mallorca. Finally, they close the show by sharing their Personal Food News and reacting to a listener-submitted voicemail.

Do you have Personal Food News? We want to hear from you! Leave us a voicemail at 646-783-9138 or email for a chance to have your news shared on the show.

Hosts: Juliet Litman and David Jacoby
Producers: Mike Wargon and Ronak Nair
Musical Elements: Devon Renaldo

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