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‘WrestleMania’ Weekend Recap, a Lackluster ‘Raw,’ and When Will Cody Get the Belt Back?

Plus, Bayley’s incendiary tweet, the Hall of Fame ceremony, and getting tired of The Rock


Back in their respective home studios following another unforgettable WrestleMania weekend, Rosenberg, SGG, and Dip are back to break down all the madness. On today’s episode, the guys discuss:

  • Bayley’s incendiary tweet, which sent the wrestling world into a frenzy (11:05)
  • Why Dip felt Monday night’s Raw didn’t live up to the standard that the post-WrestleMania episode usually sets (13:56)
  • When Cody Rhodes could get the belt back after losing it on Sunday night (18:15)
  • How this year’s WrestleMania compares to past events (28:19)
  • Favorite moments from the weekend (33:00)

Plus, the guys recount their favorite memories from the Heat ’n Greet, the Hall of Fame ceremony, and some of the craziest things that happened this weekend. And Dip also says he’s done with The Rock?

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg, Greg Hyde, Dip
Producer: Troy Farkas

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