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Draymond’s Suspension, Previewing Suns-Clippers and 76ers-Nets, and Davis vs. Garcia Are Betting the Entire Purse?!

Wosny Lambre joins to talk NBA playoffs and Raheem Palmer previews boxing’s big upcoming fight

Tate Frazier is joined by Wosny Lambre to discuss Draymond Green’s suspension for stomping on Domantas Sabonis and preview Game 3 between the Kings and the Warriors. Then, Tate and Wos break down the Suns-Clippers series, Chris Paul finally “beating” referee Scott Foster, and whether you can trust the 76ers through the rest of the playoffs. Raheem Palmer joins the show to give his best bets for the matchup between both undefeated fighters Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia; Palmer then discusses how they agreed to bet their ENTIRE purse for the fight. Plus, Tate gives us his updates for Prop Culture on the succession plan for the next CEO of Waystar Royco.

Host: Tate Frazier
Guests: Wosny Lambre and Raheem Palmer
Producers: Danny Corrales, Conor Nevins, and Tucker Tashjian

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