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When Friends Support Each Other’s Toxic Behavior (‘Love Is Blind’ Edition)

Naima Cochrane joins Erika and Steven to take a close look at Irina and Micah’s friendship in ‘Love Is Blind’


Erika is joined by storyteller and music industry veteran Naima Cochrane to dive deep into what it means for friends to reinforce or support each other’s toxic behavior through the lens of Irina and Micah’s friendship on Love Is Blind Season 4. Then, Erika and Steven take a look into the mailbag for the first time and talk through listener stories and suggestions.

If you have your own thoughts or questions about supporting toxic behavior in friendships or anything else we’ve talked about on the show, send us an email at

Hosts: Erika Ramirez and Steven Othello
Guest: Naima Cochrane
Producer: Sasha Ashall
Theme Song: Devon Renaldo

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