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That 10-Point Deduction and England’s Next Superstar With James Tarkowski

Ben Foster and Tom Ochoa chat to Everton defender James Tarkowski about Sean Dyche and his crazy pre-season training

We’ve got another CRACKING episode for you this week as we have Everton defender James Tarkowski on the Fozcast! Ben Foster and Tom Ochoa chat with James about Sean Dyche and his crazy pre-season training, including “Gaffers Day” every year. James also reveals what Sean Dyche thinks about Dominic-Calvert Lewins dress sense.

We also talked about…

  • The Infamous Spin Wheel forfeits
  • The DRAMATIC final day to avoid relegation
  • Tarkowski’s relationship with Jordan Pickford
  • Jurgen Klopp TAUNTING teams before kick off!

A massive thank you to the Definitely Maybe Bar in Bolton for letting us film there! Check them out!

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