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Sibling Dynamics at the Holidays

Erika and Steven are joined by Erika’s good friend and two brothers to talk sibling dynamics, as well as favorite holiday movies and TV shows that reflect those dynamics


Erika and Steven check in with one another about their holiday plans, and discuss how they each function in their sibling dynamics during family gatherings. Then, Erika is joined by brothers Jeff and Eric Rosenthal and her good friend Kozza to dig further into the intricacies of sibling friendships. They go on to discuss their favorite holiday movies and TV shows that depict said sibling friendships, like Home Alone, the “Seven Fishes” episode from The Bear, Friends, and more.

Hosts: Erika Ramirez and Steven Othello
Guests: Eric Rosenthal, Jeff Rosenthal, and Kozza Babumba
Producer: Sasha Ashall
Theme Music: Devon Renaldo

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