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Leaving ‘Match of the Day,’ and Taika Waititi in the House!

Taika Waititi joins to talk about his film ‘Next Goal Wins’

“Next Goal Wins” Charity Special Preview Photo by Kate Green/Getty Images for Disney

Ian is joined by Musa Okwonga and Ryan Hunn to talk about his decision to leave BBC’s Match of the Day at the end of the season (00:30), his punditry career, the highlights of being on the show and some of the friendships made. In part two, Flo Lloyd-Hughes joins Musa and Ian to chat to Taika Waititi (31:54), director of the forthcoming film Next Goal Wins. They talk about the film itself, plus lessons Taika learnt while making it, that ends up as some great life advice!

Host: Ian Wright
Guests: Musa Okwonga, Ryan Hunn, Flo Lloyd-Hughes and Taika Waititi
Producers: Ryan Hunn and Roscoe Bowman

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