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If You Don’t Believe in That Guy, Do Something Else

Jason digs into why the Chicago Bulls have renewed his optimism and why Chicago sports are on the upswing

Denver Nuggets v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

The Full Go returns as Jason talks about the Bulls! They’re fun and exciting again! Jason digs into why the Bulls have renewed his optimism, and why Chicago sports are on the upswing. He talks about the recent Coby White hot streak and his upside as a player, plus what it’s been like watching Patrick Williams and White develop. Following that, Jason gives an update on how he’s been living while his fiancé is away. Then, Tony and Jason discuss the state of the Bulls’ current situation. Should they rebuild? Why re-sign Zach LaVine if he’s not their type of player? The fellas get into that and more on this episode of The Full Go. Leave us a message on the Full Go listener line at 773-359-3103 or write to us at We’d love to hear from you!

Host: Jason Goff
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Tony Gill, Chris Sutton, and Kyle Williams

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