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Would You Buy WWE or the New York Knicks? Plus, ‘WrestleMania’ Breaks All-Time Gate Record.

Plus, David and Kaz discuss Vince McMahon returning to the WWE board of directors and ’WrestleMania’ breaking the all-time gate record


David kicks off this week’s show by asking Kaz whether he would rather purchase the WWE or the New York Knicks (0:30).

This week, they discuss the following:

  • Vince McMahon returns to the WWE board of directors (8:35)
  • WrestleMania breaks the all-time gate record (27:27)
  • Chris Jericho shows up at PWG (35:00)
  • Speedball Mike Bailey continues to make a name for himself (38:18)
  • SmackDown recap (46:29)
  • Who Saraya’s surprise partner on AEW will be this week (56:00)

Hosts: David Shoemaker and Kazeem Famuyide
Producers: Brian H. Waters and Ben Cruz

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