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Giants Get Ready for Playoffs, Jets Try to Spoil Miami’s Shot, and Football Fridays

Plus, JJ discusses Jalen Brunson’s return and recent hires by the Yankees

Indianapolis Colts v New York Giants Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

(3:10) — GIANTS: The Giants get ready for the playoffs, with their final game against the Eagles. With a playoff spot secured, will they rest or play their starters?
(6:30) — JETS: The Jets head to Miami and have a ton of questions to answer heading into the next season.
(11:52) — KNICKS: Jalen Brunson returned and righted the ship for the Knicks in their win over the Spurs.
(14:47) — NETS: Brooklyn’s 12-game win streak was snapped, but their play lately has placed them back among the contenders in the NBA.
(15:31) — YANKEES: The Yankees hire Omar Minaya and Brian Sabean to help bolster their front office.
(17:39) — CALLS: Callers talk Yankees, Jets, and Giants.
(25:48) — OLD SCHOOL–NEW SCHOOL: JJ and Joe B. are back to make their picks for NFL Week 18 in Old School–New School.
(47:51) — ART DICESARE: Handicapper Art DiCesare grades Joe and JJ’s picks, gives his best bets, and tells you what to stay away from in Week 18.

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Host: John Jastremski
Guests: Joe Benigno and Art DiCesare
Producer: Stefan Anderson

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