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Charlotte’s Back! Now What Will Become of Ronda? Plus: Cena’s Return and Uncle Howdy

Plus, speculating about the future of Sasha Banks


Rosenberg welcomes Dip (again!) for an all-over-the-place, rant-laden podcast about things like:

—Charlotte Flair’s winning of the Women’s Championship in her return to SmackDown (9:25)

—What Flair’s appearance means for the future of Ronda Rousey, and why Dip thinks WWE messed up Rousey’s career from the moment it signed her (14:15)

—Why Rosenberg feels that not even the great John Cena is impervious to ring rust (22:00)

—Speculation on the future of Sasha Banks (41:20)

Plus, what WWE will do with Omos and Bronson Reed, and why the Dexter Lumis thing won’t work. And, of course, mailbag (44:46).

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg, Dip
Producer: Troy Farkas

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