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Can Past Trends Help Win Bets in Week 1?

The guys also share their leans for this week’s games, including Packers-Vikings, Buccaneers-Cowboys, and Patriots-Dolphins

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Warren Sharp and Joe House are back to share their betting advice and knowledge throughout the 2022 NFL season. Today, they begin by looking at underdog trends from previous years to find Week 1 edges (7:00). Then, they share their leans in Packers-Vikings (12:00), Bucs-Cowboys (20:00), Colts-Texans (28:00), and Pats-Dolphins (32:00). Finally, the Joe House Exotic segment makes its triumphant return, and House offers multiple parlay bets for Week 1 (49:00).

Hosts: Warren Sharp and Joe House
Producers: Mike Wargon and Steve Ceruti

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