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A Great Champions League Final on the Pitch, a Grim One Off It

Musa and Ryan praise Carlo Ancelotti and reflect on Real Madrid and Liverpool’s seasons

Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

In this episode, Musa and Ryan focus on Real Madrid’s win over Liverpool in the Champions League final. They begin with the troubling scenes that occurred outside the stadium before the game (06:01), before switching focus to what happened on the pitch (24:28). There’s praise for Carlo Ancelotti and reflection on both Real Madrid and Liverpool’s seasons, before rounding up a couple of other fixtures that took place prior to recording. Please note: this was recorded before the Championship Playoff and Copa de la Reina finals on Sunday.

Hosts: Musa Okwonga and Ryan Hunn
Producer: Ryan Hunn
Additional Production Assistance: Isaiah Blakely

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