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Ben Smith, January 6 Anniversary, Ken Rosenthal, and More

Bryan and David also discuss the release of a People magazine issue that highlights Betty White’s 100th birthday

World Series - Houston Astros v Washington Nationals - Game Five Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Bryan and David are back and kicking off the new year with Ben Smith’s announcement that he is leaving The New York Times for a global media startup (0:22). Then they transition to the first anniversary of the January siege of the Capitol by discussing Evan Osnos’s New Yorker profile of radio host Dan Bongino (9:24). Then they touch on Ken Rosenthal’s comments that lost him a gig with the MLB Network (23:11) and the unfortunate release of a People magazine issue that highlights the great (and recently departed) Betty White’s 100th birthday (35:10). Plus, the Overworked Twitter Joke of the Week and David Shoemaker Guesses the Strained-Pun Headline.

Hosts: Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker
Associate Producer: Erika Cervantes

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