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The Blue-Eyed Soul Black Girls Love

Plus, Danyel’s sister joins to discuss her Teena Marie fandom

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This week, Danyel Smith talks blue-eyed soul and musical segregation of the past and the present and how it affects artists’ legacies. She also talks about the difficulty of reckoning with this truth as it relates to being a fan of talented white artists like Madonna and Adele. Later, Danyel is joined by her sister and friend of the show, Raquel Smith, to discuss Raquel’s all-time favorite, Teena Marie.

Host: Danyel Smith
Guest: Raquel Smith
Producers: Trudy Joseph and Donnie Beacham
Guest booking by Allyson Turner
Story consultant: Taj Rani
Sound design: DJ Steve Porter
Production supervision: Tunde St. Matthew-Daniel

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