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The Nolan Arenado Trade Is a Statement of Rockies Dysfunction. Plus: Dustin Pedroia’s Retirement.

Jake and Jordan also discuss reports about Angels pitching coach Mickey Callaway

Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

We open this week by discussing The Athletic’s report that Angels pitching coach Mickey Callaway sexually harassed multiple female reporters during his time in Cleveland, New York, and Los Angeles (1:08). Then, we discuss the Nolan Arenado trade from every angle: how good Arenado is, whether this makes St. Louis a serious contender, and what exactly the Rockies are doing (21:30). Finally, we wave goodbye to Dustin Pedroia’s career by inviting Joon Lee, a Red Sox fan, and Randy Wilkins, a Yankees fan, to discuss what Pedroia’s lasting legacy will be (55:00).

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