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Grizzlies Impressing, What to Do With the Lakers, and What an In-Season Tournament Could Mean

Plus, revisiting a potential Russell Westbrook–John Wall trade and discussing the Bulls’ strong start

In the final episode of 2021, Verno and KOC discuss Monday night’s Grizzlies win over the Suns, as Ja Morant hit the game-winning floater in the final seconds. The guys debate whether the Grizz can finish with a top-four record and discuss the team’s ceiling going forward (05:47). With the Western Conference being weaker overall, KOC believes that LeBron and the Lakers will eventually turn it on, but Verno has lost all confidence with the team and doesn’t believe it can make any kind of noise (15:19). They also revisit the idea of a Russell Westbrook–for–John Wall swap (20:33). The Bulls are currently sitting at no. 2 in the East, and the guys discuss why they are so good this season and what pieces they need to truly compete for a championship (26:51). The discussion of an in-season NBA tournament returned over the weekend and the guys are both in agreement that this could be an exciting move for the NBA (39:53).

Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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