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Leonard Fournette News, Alvin Kamara Trade Rumors, and Our Favorite Targets in Each Round

Plus, answering a question from a listener

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

We discuss Leonard Fournette getting cut from the Jaguars, the recent rumor of Alvin Kamara on the Saints’ trading block, and highlight our favorite players from each round of a 12-team draft before answering our first listener question!

Round 1 (19:31)
Round 2 (23:39)
Round 3 (27:43)
Round 4 (29:59)
Round 5 (33:18)
Round 6 (40:17)
Round 7 (44:14)
Round 8 (46:14)
Round 9 (48:39)
Round 10 (50:33)
Round 11 (51:47)
Round 12 (54:28)
Round 13 (58:57)
Listener Question (61:48)

It’s draft season, so check out The Ringer’s Fantasy Football Draft Guide and use our Draft Tracker to keep track of your players as you draft.

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