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What Just Happened at HBO Max, Justin Charity and Micah Peters on ‘Sound Only,’ and Part 1 of ‘Lonesome Dove’

Plus, ‘American Pickle’ and the end of ‘Perry Mason’

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Chris and Andy discuss the recent executive shake-up at HBO Max, HBO’s confusing transition of their streaming platform, the HBO Max original film American Pickle, the end of a well-executed season of HBO’s Perry Mason, and more (0:06). Next, Chris is joined by The Ringer’s Micah Peters and Justin Charity to discuss the relaunch of their podcast Sound Only, the evolution of art criticism, their entertainment consumption during the pandemic, and more (43:48). Finally, Chris and Andy embark on Part 1 of their Lonesome Dove discussion, in which they dive into the iconic novel as well as Episode 1 of the limited TV series (1:08:45).

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