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The Ringer Pantry Party: Part 2

Ringer staffers take us on a tour of their kitchens and cabinets and share their favorite cocktail recipes and snacks

Ingredients for making mojito cocktail Bundle of fresh mint, limes, brown sugar, crashed ice cubes, glass of soda water, cocktail tubes over green pin up background Top view, space Food knolling Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

This week, House continues the Ringer Pantry Party, in which we take a tour of the kitchens and cabinets of Ringer staffers! This week, House talks to Chris Ryan about the moment in food entertainment and his favorite snacks to make (03:02). Copy chief Craig Gaines shows off his extensive liquor cabinet and details his favorite cocktails for the season (21:26). Finally, Tyler Parker shares his kitchen and discusses the best snacks to give his young children during quarantine (40:23).

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