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‘The Mismatch’: Brooklyn’s Head-Coaching Search, Chris Paul’s Hesitance to Return Too Fast, and More Mailbag Questions

The guys discuss the short list for a new Nets coach, the players’ hesitancy to restart the league without some buildup, and listener questions

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

We discuss the short list (read: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s list) for Kenny Atkinson’s replacement in Brooklyn (2:13). Then, we take a look at NBPA president Chris Paul’s reluctance to bring the NBA back without giving players at least a month to get their bodies ready (7:19). Finally, we open the Mismatch mailbag again to answer your questions about the draft, the Grizzlies, our dream 3v3 partners, and more (11:53).

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