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Giancarlo Stanton, Rhys Hoskins, and 'Game of Thrones'

Pirates catcher Chris Stewart joins the ‘MLB Show’ to talk about the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ books and TV viewing in an MLB clubhouse

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Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann banter about the hot home run streaks of Rhys Hoskins and Giancarlo Stanton (03:15), then talk to Pirates catcher Chris Stewart about Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, his opinion on incest in Westeros (14:00), being baseball's biggest bookworm (20:00), whether any other series has the same cachet in the clubhouse (32:30), how he helps instill the Pirates' pitching philosophy in new acquisitions (35:00), his struggles to stay healthy as a big catcher in his mid-30s (42:30), his top book recommendations (44:45), and more. Lastly, Michael conducts a quick chat with another big Game of Thrones fan, Nationals pitcher Shawn Kelley (48:00).