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‘GM Street’ — QB Troubles, a Giant Contract, and Cowboy Coaching

‘The Ringer NFL Show’ breaks down the quarterback situation in Baltimore, Tom Brady, Christian McCaffrey, and more

New England Patriots Victory Parade Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

The Ringer's Mike Lombardi and Tate Frazier huddle up to discuss the quarterback situation in Baltimore (02:15), how Gisele Bündchen's offseason comments on concussions could affect Tom Brady this season (09:30), Odell Beckham Jr.'s upcoming payday (16:45), Christian McCaffrey's performance at camp (22:00), the Cardinals signing Tramon Williams (25:00), Rob Ninkovich's retirement (26:30), and Jason Garrett's not-so-subliminal message for Ezekiel Elliott (30:00).