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Watch ‘Talk the Thrones,’ Because a Mere ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode Is Not Enough

Our experts will be doing a live breakdown of each episode immediately after it airs, beginning July 16

(Matthew Hollister)
(Matthew Hollister)

The seventh season of Game of Thrones begins on July 16 and, luckily, our experts will be around to guide you through each episode on Talk the Thrones, The Ringer’s live recap show. You’ll be able to watch on The Ringer’s Twitter page immediately after the East Coast airing of Game of Thrones.

Each episode will feature commentary and analysis from Jason Concepcion, Andy Greenwald, Mallory Rubin, Chris Ryan, and various celebrity guests who also love Game of Thrones. Talk the Thrones will be for casual and hardcore viewers alike. It will answer your questions about onscreen happenings like Dany’s trip to Westeros and Brienne and Tormund’s romance, as well as the lore surrounding the show. So, tune in to make sure that you are in the know during winter’s coldest days.