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Director’s Commentaries for Our Favorite Good Bad Movie Scenes

We break down the best of the worst

(Ringer illustration)
(Ringer illustration)

Chris Ryan, Amanda Dobbins, David Shoemaker, Micah Peters, Tate Frazier, and Jason Concepcion give their way-too-in-depth breakdowns of our favorite scenes from Good Bad Movies.

The Snake Swallows Jon Voight Whole Scene From ‘Anaconda’

Ryan: "So a snake the size of a water slide just bit this guy on the shoulder and pulls him down off of a ladder, and he gets back up and has like, 4.2 40-speed as soon as he gets up."

The Shark Eats Samuel L. Jackson Scene From ‘Deep Blue Sea’

Ryan: "Sam Jackson is this like adventurer, billionaire, eccentric guy funding all this because he wants to know about, like, curing diseases … with shark DNA."

Concepcion: "And they accidentally made the sharks intelligent."

Shoemaker: "All this makes perfect sense."

The Roller Coaster Scene From ‘Fear’

Frazier: "This is so dangerous!"

Ryan: "I’m surprised he didn’t need Tommy John surgery after this, you can really tear some things."

The Final Fight Scene From ‘Road House’

Shoemaker: "If there were two dudes in rural Tennessee who knew how to do karate, they would be friends, right?"