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This Dunk Is Why They Call James Johnson “Bloodsport”

The Heat forward kickbox-yammed on Marcus Morris

(AP Images)

I need a shower. I need to walk into the ocean. I need to forget this happened, but I never will. James Johnson, a man who IS NICKNAMED “BLOODSPORT,” climbed a ladder to heaven tonight, and he took Marcus Morris’s soul with him. DON’T BELIEVE ME? JUST WATCH:

Three-year-old “Uptown Funk” jokes! I’m just trying to cope. Look at the reaction of the Heat bench …

It’s like, “Cool dunk!” And then it’s like, “IS THIS A BLAIR WITCH REBOOT!?”

Feel free to “well, actually” whether or not this is a “dunk.” I know that Johnson pile-drove this thing in without grabbing much rim, but I am not going to be the one that tells him. That’s all you.

While I have you here, let me ask: What does this dude have against the Pistons? This happened in 2014:

Andre Drummond was not a fan of that. The Pistons have bigger problems now. The Heat won this game on a last-second Hassan Whiteside tip-in, 97–96. Miami is now the 8-seed, and Detroit is in 10th, behind Chicago, two-and-a-half behind the Heat. And Detroit has to play the rest of the season without Marcus Morris. (He is fine. But he is also now a ghost.)

(AP Images)
(AP Images)