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Steph Curry Got In a Fight, Dunked, and Hit an Eff-You 3-Pointer

And that was just in the first half

(AP Images)
(AP Images)

Who’s he? He’s Steph Curry. And in case you forgot, the two-time defending MVP decided to make Golden State’s Monday-night game against Oklahoma City all about him. Oh, we wanted it to be about Kevin Durant’s street-clothes return to the Chesapeake Energy Arena. We tried to make it about reports that the Warriors were upset about Durant’s treatment at the hands of the Thunder organization and its fans, and Steve Kerr’s bewildered response to the report. But in the end, it was about Steph.

Curry hit for the Look At Me cycle in the first half against the Thunder. He dunked for the first time all season …

Then, he scored nine more points, finishing the first half with 17. Then he got in a near-fight with Semaj Christon, even though it felt like that wasn’t who he was really mad at.

And on the next play, he went down the court and gave the middle finger to the entire arena, burying a mean, petty, beautiful 3-pointer and running off the court like the bell sounded at 3 p.m. on the last day of school.

Curry would end the game with 23 points, hitting seven 3-pointers, and the Warriors would win handily, 111–95. Earlier in the day, Steph rolled his eyes at fake news. Then he went out and made headlines.