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Ringer University

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The Ringer’s podcast universe joins the collegiate ranks with Ringer University, a feed dedicated to what’s happening in college football and beyond, with in-house talents Mallory Rubin, Chris Vernon, and Ben Glicksman serving up insights, picks, and predictions on a week-to-week basis throughout the season. Ringer University also features T’d Up, our college basketball podcast, where Mark Titus and Tate Frazier give their expert analysis and keep you up to date on the latest college hoops news.

June 23

‘T’d Up’ — Draft Reactions!

Tate Frazier and Mark Titus recap the NBA draft, starting with the draft itself (4:25); Jalen Rose’s player comparisons (10:02); the Kings’ impressive drafting (25:10); some of the unheralded draft picks (28:15); the true star of every NBA draft, one John Calipari (36:54); their picks for best undrafted player (45:30); and Tate’s surprising Mark Titus player comparison (51:29).

June 14

‘T’d Up’ — NBA Finals and NCAA Rule Changes

The Ringer’s Mark Titus and Tate Frazier discuss their reactions to the NBA Finals, Kyrie Irving vs. Stephen Curry (11:00), new NCAA rule changes (27:00), and Kyle Guy’s new hairdo (44:00).

June 7

‘T’d Up’ — An Ode to Thad Matta

Tate Frazier and Mark Titus discuss longtime Ohio State basketball coach Thad Matta’s untimely exit from the program, and later they give their picks for Matta’s replacement.

June 2

‘T’d Up’ — Adam Silver’s New Rule, Phil Knight’s Nike Tourney, and Kentucky-Indiana

Tate Frazier and Mark Titus discuss the 2017 NBA Finals (03:00), Adam Silver’s new rule (08:30), the odd recruitment of Brian Bowen (22:45), Phil Knight’s 80th birthday basketball tournament (32:00), and Archie Miller’s stance on the Kentucky-Indiana rivalry (42:00).

May 24

‘T’d Up’ — Draft Deadline, Calipari’s Recruiting, and Kevin Stallings Is at It Again

Tate Frazier and Mark Titus talk offseason college basketball news the day of the NBA draft deadline for underclassmen including Caleb Swanigan (1:06), Tony Bradley (7:33), and Hamidou Diallo (9:43). Then they examine Kentucky coach John Calipari’s recruiting influence (11:13) and University of Pittsburgh coach Kevin Stallings’s decision to block former player Cam Johnson from transferring to North Carolina (20:44).

May 17

‘T’d Up’ — NBA Combine Results, College Returnees, and More Offseason Dominoes

Tate Frazier and Mark Titus talk offseason college basketball news, including the NBA combine results (4:28), Calipari’s “media empire” (13:16), the new NCAA freshman class (23:15), and possible college returnees (33:56).

May 3

‘T’d Up’ — Transfers, the Inaugural None-and-Done, and the Future of Basketball Coverage

Tate Frazier and Mark Titus talk offseason news; they highlight undecided five-star recruits (1:00), ask whether we’ll see the first “none and done” player (13:25), examine the latest transfer trends (16:31), discuss the future of NCAA basketball coverage (24:20), and ponder whether Gordon Hayward is clutch (33:53).

April 26

‘T’d Up’ — The Return: NBA Draft Declaration and Other Offseason Story Lines

Tate Frazier and Mark Titus catch up on all the college basketball story lines you’ve missed since the national championship game, including the overcrowded NBA draft (11:00), who’s coming back (15:07), as well as the major coaching moves (23:24).

April 4

‘T’d Up’ — Tar Heels Win it All

Tate Frazier and Mark Titus recap Monday night’s NCAA title game by discussing overzealous referees (4:30) and key elements of Carolina’s win (15:30), and then make some way-too-early predictions for next year (41:25).

April 2

‘T’d Up’ — The Championship Is Set

Tate Frazier and Mark Titus discuss the Final Four games, Saturday, Kennedy Meeks’s Sean May impression (0:20), Gonzaga one-and-done Zach Collins (21:10), and the best two teams in college basketball battling it out for the national title (45:00).