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Seth Rogen on How the Changing Movie Landscape Has Affected His Process


Did you want more from Seth Rogen, Ricky Williams, and Rembert Browne after their appearances on last night’s Any Given Wednesday? We have you covered.

In this bonus clip, Rogen talks about how many ideas come to him while he’s stoned (spoiler alert: most of them), the troubles in marketing Sausage Party, and how the movie world has changed so much in the last decade. According to Rogen, it would be much more difficult to get films like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up made today.

Extra Time With Seth Rogen

Then, Ricky Williams and Rembert Browne discuss athletes who use their platform for political activism, touching on Carmelo Anthony’s recent social activism.

Extra Time With Ricky Williams and Rembert Browne