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The Deflategate Trial: Bill Simmons v. Michael Rapaport With Judge Joe Brown


Earlier this month, Tom Brady announced that he would no longer appeal the four-game ban Roger Goodell imposed on him in May 2015. Deflategate is over. Goodell has won. But not everyone is ready to give up and just succumb to the NFL’s will.

On the latest Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons took on Deflategate, presenting his case for why Brady’s suspension should be nullified to Judge Joe Brown. Michael Rapaport filled in for the NFL, defending the league’s handling of the case and presenting the evidence against Brady. Hours of passionate debate ensued—we have the best eight minutes for you:

The Deflategate Trial

Next, Bill Simmons had Christina Hendricks and Michael K. Williams on to discuss how they’ve avoided being typecast in Hollywood. Hendricks described how playing Joan on Mad Men opened up new roles for her, while Williams explained that he breathes “new life into every character.”

Christina Hendricks and Michael K. Williams on Typecasting