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NBA Character Examinations

The essence of every NBA player can be distilled into a simple Venn diagram

All graphics by Shea Serrano
All graphics by Shea Serrano

These are character examination charts for NBA players. Each one distills a player’s essence down to the overlapping of two key characteristics. In some cases, the characteristics are personality based (for example, one of the characteristics listed for Draymond Green is “underdog”). In other cases, they are skill based (the second listed for Green is “karate”). In all cases — or, at least for today, anyway — they serve to outline the general shape of a player’s on-court existence. There will be more of these, I’m sure; they will also extend out past the borders of the NBA, I’m sure of that too. But today, this batch is of 10 of the most cosmically interesting players in the league.